Somewhere along river Nederrijn, in a squatted piece of forest, a small community of creatives tries to make the best out of this already apocalyptic (and soon to be worse) world we live in. Living off the grid forces them to come up with creative solutions, which will come in handy as events continue to unfold unpredictably. Inspired by solarpunk, which portrays a future in which there is still hope for humankind to work together with nature, this community tries to use its optimism to strive for a better world. Their terrain known as Ppauw! offers a green and peaceful backdrop for this year’s AnarchaFolkFest. 

Solarpunk is a literary and artistic movement that envisions and works toward actualizing a sustainable future interconnected with nature and community. The “solar” represents solar energy as a renewable energy source and an optimistic vision of the future that rejects climate doomerism, while the “punk” refers to the countercultural, post-capitalist, and decolonial enthusiasm for creating such a future.



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