billis acustica


Nuturk is vulnerability and rage, the consecuence of Channel mental and emotional processes openly. Healing colective wounds with punk and mutual support. From Sevilla, based in the north if Spain




All in Vain

dystopian folk punk

Banjo-driven følkened crüst with rowdy, stompy, Anarcho thrashers to slow, emotional, doomy dirges.


Sage Against The Machine

trashy folk pop to make punks cry

Sage Against the Machine is a brown queer transient busker who found stillness in Dublin who likes to play songs to make punks cry; from originals about grief, displacement and the patriarchy, to pop covers to make serious punks cringe and queer punks smile.




Efa Supertramp

riotgrrrl folk


Efa comes armed with an acoustic guitar and a powerful voice. Efa sings in both English and Welsh and has been shouting about the world’s wrongs in one form or another since the age of 15. Whether it’s the DIY attitude of the punk scene, the powerful female voices of Riot Grrrl, the socialist beliefs of many of her fellow Welsh-speakers or the anarchistic spirit of folk music’s nomads – it can all be found in Efa’s music and activities.


Sharp Knives

post electricity anarchist DIY punk

Transposing our hopes, fears, doubts, frustrations, inconsistencies & dreams to words, screaming them out loud as self-empowerment, travelling and playing, we hope to create an affinity network of friends, while standing together against all forms of authority, coercion & oppression.





Zoé Basha

old timey tunes


Zoé Basha is an Irish-based French-American musician, composer, anarchist, carpenter, dreamer. Blending traditional Appalachian and Irish singing, country blues, and ragtime, this lady is clearly confused, and pretty stoked about it.



Twisted Teens

anarcho country


Twisted Teens is an anarcho country/punk band from New Orleans, Louisiana. They combine the wild raw energy of early rock n roll with the street level atmosphere of post punk. Featuring Caspian, formerly of Blackbird Raum and original member of Nick Shoulders’ Okay Crawdad on guitar and wailing vocals, and his musical partner “Razor” Ramon Santos on the cryin’ steel guitar, Twisted Teens brings primitive country boogie back to anarcho-punk!


Give us a chip


Give us a chip is the new project of Feé Maddison. Never being shy to take on a new direction in music ‘Give us a chip’ brings you a merging of an ever growing list of styles and genres playing hits from the early days of the radio to present day with their own unique brand of popccordion music.




folk punk

Varying between beautiful covers and original music. A wall of sound that is not only surprising to listen to but also speaks of topics like pollution, life under capitalism and 1312. This relatively new band enjoys playing together and immerse an audience with their enthousiasm.

First EP coming soon!




Norwegian traditional crust folk


Lyngfarer is the quiet and pensive output of Magnus Nymo from Norway. It lives in the fog between medieval lore and anarchist d-beat classics but is quiet enough to be a lullaby. It began in 2015 and has since then seen travels and tours around Europe, Scandinavia, Ireland and the US and UK.


The Goddess and the Banshee

poetry and performance art

The Goddess and the Banshee come with a deep dark forest performance, including poetry, circus and dark synthesizer drone sounds.





Jay Mitra

punk poet


Jay Mitra (they/he) is a British Indian non-binary punk poet and creative non-fiction writer based in London. Sharp, witty and offensive to exactly the right people (old white boomer punks) Jay brings his experience as a queer punk poet of colour to you in a work of artfull performance. Leave your boomer attitude at home and prepare for goosebumps and giggles.


Morti Jaleo

transfeminist rumbapunk

Morti Jaleo is an artist from Cartagena, Murcia, who mixes rumba and punk with other styles of flamenco, all crossed by transfeminism and lyrics loaded with criticism of capitalism. Accompanied by her band, joy and anger are concentrated in a show that will not leave you indifferent.




Georgie Kollektiv

German DIY folk punk


Fun, ironic and self critical songs about beating nazis, defending communities and losing pandas in Prague.



folk punk with a pinch of metal

(description may or may not follow)




De Branding

acoustic hardcore folk, in the West-Flemish dialect.


(more info will follow soon!)




acoustic antifolk/neofolk and spoken word.

(description may or may not follow)




Ancient Hostility

a capella folk duo


Harmony singing and drones from members of All In Vain and Dawn Ray’d, singing songs about heartbreak and resistance.



honest feminist folkpunk with a dash of childlike whimsy

TRUI (sweater) is a band consisting of former class mates and tinder matches. They play catchy but critical songs, so you’ll able to shout along about how Shell sucks, how there should be more contraception options for people with a penis, and about how diet culture makes no sense.





medieval plague folk


These punks bring you folk from the medieval streets!


Angry Zeta

acoustic blue grass billy from the streets of Argentina

Angry Zeta is an acoustic band from Buenos Aires, Argentina. Combining the instrumentation of a traditional bluegrass band, some sort of attraction for outlaw tales, and a pseudo-punk attitude, they’re impossible to ignore.

Trained by the distracted audiences of the streets of Buenos Aires, Angry Zeta learned early how to get a crowd’s attention – and once they have it you won’t be able to look away. Fast is their tempo of choice, and loud is how they make themselves known. They will be heard. Any room they play will be filled with their iconic bluegrass-country-punk sound.




Go Eat Worms

creepy crawly folk


One night, two larvae crawled out of the comfort zones of their bands (Sharp Knives & Vitriol), carrying a piano and a violin.



ambient sea folk

Flōd is a new solo project from ‘Menez Are’, the foggy mountains of Finistère, west of Britanny. Mixing his own songs with more traditional material collected from his numerous trips to Ireland and UK but also some traditional breton pieces, he’ll be joined for the festival by his dear friend and fiddle player Olivier Steunou, with whom they’ve shared years of gigs, fest-noz and busking all around Britanny… There will be music and there will be dancing !





vulnerable grunge-folk


Inés de Lis (Madrid, Spain) is a songwriter also known for being the lead singer and main composer of up and coming spanish indy folk band Faneka. She is also a Music Therapist, always learning about the expressive and healing posibilities of the human voice.
From 90’s rock to Spanish and Latin American folklore, Inés de Lis’ songs are a trip through many influences. Strength and vulnerability meet at the center of this project, which may or may not include glowing cat ears.


Kaos Play

life looping – kosmic karaoke – performance art

Kaos Play is an immersive interactive experience of listening and sound co-creation guided by Jan Raydán (Venezuelan/Spanish multi-instrumentalist). A project of a playful, spontaneous, wandering, random, synergistic and integrative nature. An invitation to create the shared journey through sound.
Any sound source can be registered and reproduced live (voice, body, place, artifacts, objects, musical instruments, whatever re/sounds) filling and shaping the space. Permeating the boundaries between audience and artist.